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There will be No July seminar


Factors influencing long-term trends in water quality of the Gwynns Falls, Baltimore, Maryland

Ellen Woytowitz and Emily Majcher, U.S. Geological Survey
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 11:00 a.m.

Changes in manure and fertilizer inputs to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, 1950-2012

Jeni Keisman U.S. Geological Survey
Tuesday, September 17, 2017 11:00 a.m.

Past Seminars


1-17-2017 Ethan Weikel-Shifting Environmental Strategies Required as a Result of Decreasing Long-term Federal Funding (A Case Study)
2-14-2017 David Newburn-Cost sharing for agricultural conservation practices and water quality impacts in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
3-21-2017 Rosemary Fanelli-Effects of urbanization and infiltration-based watershed restoration on the hydro-ecology of headwaters streams
4-18-2017 Ken Belt-Ghost streams of Baltimore and their value to science, the social fabric and history
5-23-2017 George Dimitoglou-Autonomous robots for environmental science applications
6-20-2017 Jason Elliott-Maryland/DC Flood Frequency and Extreme Events


1-12-2016 McCarty-Elkin-Use of Full Spectrum Optical Sensors and Ion Chromatography for In Situ Monitoring of Stream Water Quality
2-9-2016 Brian May-Overview of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
3-15-2016 Christopher Overcash-Innovative Surface Water Systems for Nutrient Removal to Control HAB’s (Hazardous Algal Blooms): Case Study Grand Lake St. Mary’s
3-22-2016 Xuan Yu-Are you writing a paper? Write a useful one! Modern publication strategies using a coastal hydrology example
4-15-2016 Qian Zhang-Effects of Reservoir Filling on Sediment and Nutrient Delivery from Susquehanna River to Chesapeake Bay: Input-Output Analyses based on Long-Term Monitoring
5-26-2016 Mary Kay Foley-Summary of Contaminated Groundwater Remediation Project in Western Germany
6-23-2016 Tom Horton and Heather Dewar-Data Gatherers as Action Heroes
7-21-2016 Joe Bell-Backscatter as a surrogate for suspended sediment, nutrients, and bacteria concentrations in an urban stream within Rock Creek National Park, Washington DC
8-26-2016 Erik Meyers-Incorporating Science into Conservation Project Execution
9-20-2016 Julie Kiang-Quantification of Uncertainty in USGS Streamflow Information
10-12-2016 Ciaran Harman--Water age, storage and discharge in headwater streams: How does recharge to uplands become baseflow?
11-22-2016 David Curson--Increasing Salt Marsh Acreage and Resiliency for Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
12-13-2016 Ed Doheny--Flood History of the Baltimore Region


1-28-2015 Joe Bell - Use of acoustic Doppler meters to estimate suspended sediment and nutrients in Rock Creek, near Washington D.C.
2-11-2015 Stacey Archfield - Hydrologic Similarity Across the United States: Understanding change, information transfer, and classification
3-4-2015 Denise M. Akob - Chemical Composition and Microbiology of Produced Waters from Pennsylvania Shale Gas Wells
3-11-2015 Christopher Gellasch - Evaluation of urban public supply well vulnerability from leaking sewers using geochemistry, microbiology, and geomechanics
4-21-2015 Judy Denver - Monitoring the water-quality response to conservation practices in two small agricultural watersheds
5-20-2015 Michelle Lorah - Fate and Remediation of Chlorinated Benzenes and Benzene in a Wetlands
6-16-2015 Bruce Quirk - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Activities Across the Department of the Interior
7-20-2015 Andrew Simon - Using Bank-Stability and Toe-Erosion Model (BSTEM) in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
7-21-2015 Peter Tango - Applications of High Frequency Water Quality Monitoring Data across the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership
8-11-2015 Wendy McPherson - Monitoring water resources and response to climate in Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia with the USGS Monthly Water Conditions
9-21-2015 Seth Guikema - Natural Hazards Modeling: From Storm Impacts to the Evolution of Regional Vulnerabilty Over Time
10-28-2015 Francisco Simoes - Application of multidimensional modeling to peak flood flow estimation
10-29-2015 Andress, Nguyen, and Keisman - Water Consumption for Light-Duty Vehicles’ Transportation Fuels
11-20-2015 Holly Michael - Geologic Effects on Land-Sea Water and Solute Exchange across Scales: Examples from Delaware and Bangladesh
12-15-2015 Paul Grieve - Measuring Concentrations of Dissolved Natural Gas in Pennsylvania Streams to Estimate Methane Fluxes from the Subsurface


01-30-2014 Charles Walker - Groundwater discharge to streams
02-18-2014 Aditi Bhaskar - Impact of urban development on groundwater
02-26-2014 Karl Haase - Hydrofluorcarbons as groundwater tracers
03-27-2014 Rich Starr - Stream function pyramid framework
05-13-2014 David Wunsch - National groundwater monitoring network
06-12-2014 Mitchell Donovan - Piedmont Legacy Sediment
06-23-2014 Sandy Elliott - SPARROW based catchment modeling
08-25-2014 Peter Claggett - Urban growth modelling
09-22-2014 Robert Shedlock - USGS in the 21st century
10-27-2014 Sam Lamont - Mapping Fluvial Landforms in Floodplains in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
10-29-2014 Roger Barlow - 3D Elevation Program
11-14-2014 Jeff Raffensperger - Base Flow to Streams
12-11-2014 Joel Moore - Groundwater that looks like seawater: stormwater management basins and road salt loading into suburban watersheds


01-22-2013 Jud Harvey - Natural flow regime
03-19-2013 Edward Doheny - Minebank Run stream channel restoration
06-27-2013 Pierre Glynn - National Research Program
06-27-2014 Pierre Glynn - Citizen Science
07-24-2013 Kernell Ries - StreamStats
09-11-2013 David Vanko - Maryland hydraulic fracturing
10-30-2013 Scott Phillips - USGS Chesapeake Bay restoration
11-13-2013 John Gardner - Delmarva Missing Nitrogen
12-03-2013 Matt Baker - Urbanization and stream chemistry
12-17-2013 Stan Kemp - Urbanization and River chub

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